A road to ALLAH

Mereka berkata:

“Dan tentu akan mereka katakan: “Hidup hanyalah kehidupan.. kehidupan kita di dunia sahaja dan kita sekali-kali tidak dibangkitkan”.

And of course they would say: "Life is just living our lives in this world and we are never raised."

- Surah al-An’am: ayat 29

It's  been too long and too many thing's happened since my first step into this world...started from my first baby cry up to teenage rebellion style, to a macho figure of an adult man until now.. A single and available not so handsome and not so macho anymore...=)...

It has been a journey of a life time, throught a hard and groovy road of dream, fill with couriosity ,full of high expectation and a self believing on my own skill to adapt into this world..A searching that never end until it keep driving me out of the course...still, i know my limits, still, I’m in the right track and manage to navigate through a rough and mad horror life..Still, in my heart, Allah is number one, Muhammad is the prophet...although in my lifespan, sin and forgiveness repeatedly growing in number...sort of virus and the antivirus...killing each others just for survive...and at the end, left behind the scar in my soul..Moaning and crying for forgiveness from Allah...looking for words, looking for a 'hidayah' to keep me remembered those sin that i leave behind as a reminded that old me has gone, a new me has emerge from a mix of a dark and light...still looking an enlighten..A true one...I’ll pray and pray that i would be the same me, not the old one.but a better me...and leaving the past on the left side of the road..pointing my life into the open road, ride with a dignity, head held high in manner that i'am a humble servant of Allah..

Sabda Rasulullah SAW:
"Sesungguhnya seorang Mukmin bila mengerjakan satu dosa atau kesalahan, maka setiap kesalahan dan dosa itu akan berupa titik hitam pada hatinya. Dan bila dia menyedari dosa dan kesalahan itu, lalu menyesali dirinya dan meminta ampun, hatinya menjadi bersih. Tetapi bila kesalahan dosa itu ditambahnya, maka titik hitam itu akan bertambah pula sehingga hatinya akan menjadi gelap dan hitam seluruhnya. Inilah yang dikatakan Allah: Sungguh sudah tersumbat hati mereka kerana perbuatan mereka itu."

"Indeed a believer when doing a sin or fault, then any error and sin will be a blackdot on his heart. And when he/she realize those sin and error, and blamed herself and asked for forgiveness, his heart is clean. But if sin is adding an error, then theblack dot will grow anyway so his heart will be darkened, and all black. This is what ALLAH says: It's already clogged their hearts for what they did".
(correct me if i'm wrong with the translation)

Once in my life, a mix of modern lifestyle (enjoying life) and a way of Quran and Hadith crawling and when 'amok' inside me. A devastating mixture...drove me to an unequal and wrong decision that resulted a whole life of regret..Such a foolish act, such an idiot words...I want to be better than ever...and at the same time, i do want enjoy life at manner of Islam..A good Muslim, a good person...solah and given to others, and 'ibadah' to Allah....always praying to the All mighty Allah and asking for the forgiveness to all my sin, and my past....

For those I know, i’m seeking a truly apologize for what have i done,no matter what,no matter how i did wrong,please forgive me as we all did not know when,how or where we will exhale our last breath in this world...

"It's your choice to choose what the best for you 
because your life is your choices

So choose the best choices in your life!!"

InsyaAllah and Good Luck..=)


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