The origin of Azan / Athan


All this year, all i knew about Azan@Athan (a call for prayer in Islam ) were first been heard from Bilal bin rabbah who the first man calling people to pray, but other time, i heard ,the calling for prayer were send to human by Allah through a dream of Abdullah bin Zaid. But now, i found the prove that the Azan/Athan are originally from Allah, the words of Allah,calling human to performed a prayer 5 times a day...Subhannallah...
This is an article from mstar Online which in explain in detailed the origin of Azan/Athan..I'll convert the article into English for the convenience of reader. Original article in Bahasa Melayu. wassalam...

From Abdullah bin Umar said: "It is when the newly arrived Muslims in Medina, gather to wait for prayer time because there is no way to tell. On the day they met about the time of notification, some say to use a bell like the Christians and others who say that the trumpet like the Jews. So says Omar bin al-Khattab: "Is not it better ask someone shouting, or tell the time to pray?" The Prophet Muhammad said: "O Bilal, go and invite those who pray.

At the time Muslims are still few in number, difficulty does not arise for them to gather together for prayer in congregation. The increasing number of Muslims that the major causes for the call or alert their prayers on time and each everyone have the potential to negligence or carelessness on themselves because of the various business they run their lives .

At the cause of difficulties  has triggered a discussion meeting about how the need to do to remember and call on everyone to pray on time.Many recommendations as described in in the Hadith. One of the proposals came from Umar, who suggested that the designated person who acts as the caller's Muslims to prayer at prayer times each entry.The suggestion largely agreed upon by everyone, including The prophet Muhammad since many of the other proposals is similar to the unbelievers but the question now is how its implementation? Abu Dawud story that Abdullah bin Zaid narrated: "When the way of calling Muslims to prayer discussed, a night of sleep I dreamed that someone was holding a bell and approached him and asked him if he any intention to sell the bell. If it was so I asked him to sell it to me. People are even asking, "What? I answered, "That the bell sounds, we can call Muslims to prayer.He said, "Do you want to if I taught a better way?" And I said, "Yes!" Then he said again, this time with a very loud voice, "Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar .."the next day I woke up, I met The prophet Muhammad and told about a dream to him. And he said: "It was a dream, and it's is real and stand beside Bilal and taught him how to say the sentence. He had to carry a prayer like that and he has a very loud voice." Then I was doing it with Bilal. "The dream is also experienced a similar dream of 'Umar, he also tells it to him and he's thankful to God for all the other indicators.

p/s : Harap maaf  sekiranya bahasa yang digunakan tidak menepati maksudnya dalam english, article asa dlm bahasa Melayu...aku menggunakan translator online jer..hehehe....pendeta hati sekadar berkongsi...


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