Bagaimana untuk Dapatkan App Awesome Note Eksklusif dari Galaxy Nota 8.0 kepada Galaxy Samsung anda.

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How to Download Awesome Note on Your Note 2

Thanks to hobby developer jujuburi, anyone with a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3 (or S4), Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, and Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 running Jelly Bean can now enjoy the awesomeness of Awesome Note! It was pretty easy, too, as all he did was extract the system.img file—but we don't have to even do that!
You can install the application directly through your device, just make sure you have Unknown Sources checked in your Security settings.
  • On your device, click either this or this (if one doesn't work, try the other) to download the app.
  • The download will then show up as AwesomeNote.apk. Click the link to open it. If you got a message saying Install Blocked, make sure you really do have Unknown Sources checked in your Security settings!
  • Once it installs, you should have access to the awesomeness of Awesome Note!


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