Word of my wisdom

When you was a child,you might had a dream and imagination to be somebody,to be respect and want to be some mastermind in your chosen path,but once you are grown up from childhood,don't try,and don't even think to hide your imagination,but think what you have to do with your imagination.Otherwise,you might be not had a second chance to bring your dream and imagination to reality..

Love is not something or object that you can play with it,it's a human nature.Don't fall in love if your can't faces the unexpected risk,and don't even think of it,if you afraid to die with it and lost someone that you loves,and don't even try to dive into the abyss of love if you know you can't understand what is in your mind is the same with the one you love.....

Life is not for eternity and it's not going to be history.It depend to individual how to flowering their life and how to ensure it will be something which is wonderful to them.But the most important things is how to survive to continued life that living inside our inner-self.


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