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salam bagi yang membaca blog aku nih...itu pun kalau layak dipanggil sebagai blog.= )
past a week a go,lots is happen to me,hahah...not sure where to start,and not sure to talk with others about some privert matters and share along with you guy's...people said i have a huge ego!!!!i might have it,but what kind of ego...????i donno and i hate to asked what kind of ego...ego in what????!!!!why!!!???mcm aku sorang jer ada ego..!!!orang lain tarak....!!!???

And i realized,when i'm not in a mood for anything or something,or i get screwed in my head by somebody or i get angry,i always talk and grumble in english!!!!i know my pronounciation and my writing is bad,but who cares...hell with them!!! funny for me!!!i always want to say like "mind your own damn bloody f@##ing business" fact few years back i said it to a friend of mine who always talking bad thing about my girl...hahahah..suite her right!!!!!

I might not be working in my recent company anymore,but not in short notice...well it just the economy,not because a problem in line of duty....honestly said,i still wanna work in this company,but at the same time i hate to be there even a blink of eye....!!!!hahahahah...damn i hate the management..!!!!!

Anyway,i realy don't wannaa talk about what happend to me and what is bothering me past few days..just let it go..Day's not always be moody,sunshine wil always come after rain....this is just an entry for today for my blogg...just a word of mine,love your life,love your thought,love your oppinion,love others,love your parents...because it's what we have in life..!!!only once in whole life....


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